Hey y’all!

Welcome to my little virtual home here on the web. I am so happy you are here! In fact, I believe the fact that you are reading this, is a divine appointment. Nothing ever happens on accident. You were brought here for a reason.

I help overwhelmed Christian women to simplify their life, their faith and their health so that they can focus on what really matters most. 

Here you will find practical resources to help you learn how to not just read the bible, but to actually understand it and apply it to your life. You will find bible studies, encouragement and easy ways to manage your emotional and physical wellbeing.

I believe that the bible holds all the keys to living a powerful, purposeful, joy-filled healthy life. It is a guidebook for your life and your health. I help you to go from confused and overwhelmed when reading your bible to knowing how to really study what it says and apply it to your life. If you are a beginner or just want to know how to read your bible better, I’ve got you covered.

I also teach you how to use essential oils– which happen to be all over the bible! As a believer, we know that everything in the bible is for a purpose so that’s one reason we love essential oils. Jesus was even given oils at His birth! There is a lot of significance in that so we teach all about them!

I help you to clear physical and emotional clutter from your life by sharing systems that you can implement WITH EASE immediately to move from chaos to clarity.




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Essential Oils

We believe that essential oils are amazing. Click the button above to purchase or check out the “essential oils” or “webinars” tabs to learn about them.

Hear what I have to say about essential oils in this short video


From Cluttered to Calm Challenge

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