Why Young Living?

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Why Young Living Melodye Reynolds
Why Young Living?

(The Importance of Choosing the Right Company)


My family and I have been using Young Living essential oils for over a year now and we have experienced some pretty crazy things . We love to share our experiences with anyone that might benefit from essential oils (which is Everyone!)

This section could get really technical so let’s just get to the bottom line. When making a decision to invest in anything, quality is always important. If you are serious about your health and want to use natural medicine, you must take the quality of what you are putting on and into your body under careful consideration.

Young Living oversees the ENTIRE process of producing their essential oils.  Read More

Me, Homeschool? No Way! Part 3

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Me? Homeschool?  No Way!  Part  3…The Conclusion!

After many hours of online and real life research, followed by a lot of heart felt prayers, my husband and I decided to homeschool. I continued to have reservations about my abilities as a teacher and my health issues. I often had flare ups that lasted for days (I will be blogging about my conditions and how I am finding healing through natural medicine in later posts) and I had no idea of how a Kindergartener could work independently. But sometimes, just as Peter did when he got out of the boat and walked on water, WE have to take the first step of faith and see what God does. And besides, if I found myself unable to do it I could always put her in public school, so I thought. Read More

Me, Homeschool? No Way! Part 2

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Me, Homeschool? No Way! Part 2

 After finding great doctors and new medicines, I was on the mend. (This was 3 years before I discovered natural medicine!) Well, as much “on the mend” that I could expect to be with the medical conditions that continued to be an issue.

After about a year of being a stay at home mommy, my growing girl turned 5. Time to decide about, (gulp), education. Now, homeschooling had never entered my mind at this point. I was in a bit of denial that this decision had to be made. However, it was time and a decision had to be made. We had two public school systems we could choose from. My husband and I decided on one, but the closer fall approached, the more something did not feel right with either of us. Read More