All You Need To Know About Essential Rewards

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essential rewards

Essential Rewards

Young Living offers a reward program to help its members save money. It is known as the Essential Rewards Program and if you order regularly, it is a must do.

Essential Rewards is a program where each member can earn points that can be cashed in for free product. In fact, I just placed a $200 order and all I paid for it was the $7.00 shipping plus taxes!

So here are the basics of how it works: Read More

How To Learn About Essential Oils

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Essential Healthy Life

How To Learn About Essential Oils

There are so many different essential oils available now that it can be overwhelming for those just starting to use them to know which oil works best for your individual needs. The good news is there are plenty of resources to help you to learn more.

1. Essential Oil Reference Guides

A reference guide is an oiler’s best friend. I recommend getting an essential oils reference guide as soon as you buy your starter kit. There are many options out there. Many guides list each essential oil alphabetically so you can find the one you are looking for quickly. It also explains how essential oils work and goes over some safety guidelines.  Read More

What Is an Essential Oil?

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what is an essential oilWhat Is An Essential Oil?

If you have been on Pinterest or social media lately, you have probably seen an article or a nice graphic about essential oils. A lot of people have learned about the amazing benefits of essential oils for their health, but maybe you are a bit confused as to what it is they are talking about. I know I was, until I started researching about them so I thought I would write this simple post explaining what an essential oil actually is! Read More