Summertime Lotion Recipe

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Spring is finally here and now that we will be heading back outside to enjoy the sunshine I wanted to share my all natural summer time lotion recipe with you!

I am really aware of the toxins we can put into our bodies through the many items that we place ON our skin. We are a very fair skinned family. Summer lotion is an absolute must for us all year round but especially in the spring and summer months. I started researching ways that I could make a natural sunscreen last summer and through my searching I discovered that coconut oil actually has natural SPF qualities. I later discovered that carrot seed essential oil and lavender essential oil also have sun blocking properties. After a fellow oiler suggested that I mix all of these together and use them as a sunscreen, I was so excited! Finally, something non-toxic we could use! Not only is it non-toxic, it’s actually good for you! Read More

10 Prayers For My Daughter

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10 Prayers For My Daughter

As a parent one of the best and most important things that we can do for our children is to cover them daily in prayer. I think we need to take it one step further and become prayer warriors on their behalf by simply praying for them everyday.  In my bible study time today I decided that I wanted to make a short list of prayers to pray everyday for my daughter so that I don’t forget to cover each area that I feel is most important and I thought I would share those with you (along with a printable that you can place in your  own journal to use during your prayer time). I have put together 10 simple little prayers to pray over your daughters each day. (This could easily be adapted for sons as well!)

1. Make Her Bold 

Lord, I pray this daughter of mine be confident in who You are and in who You created her to be. Help her to be bold, know what she believes in and never be afraid to take a stand for it.

2. Cover Her in Grace

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