3 Ways to Prepare For Questions About Your Faith

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How do you know for sure there is a God? If there is a God, then why do bad things happen to good people? What if you do all this stuff for God your whole life, you die and you learn that He didn’t exist?

Ever hear questions like these? If you have been a Christian for very long I am sure you have. I have many friends that are not Christian but they are curious about my beliefs so questions are a natural part of wanting to understand why it is that I believe what I believe.

On the other side of that, I also have a lot of Christian friends with the same questions. Some are new in their walk, some have been Christians for a long time. Some ask these questions when they are faced with a crisis and their faith is wavering. I have asked the same questions myself and the answers I got when I asked those questions were important. Sometimes they were crucial. That’s why I think its critical to be prepared for questions about your faith. Read More

How To Finish Your Homeschool Year Strong

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If you are a homeschool mom, chances are this time of year you are getting the itch to finish things for this school year. It’s sunny outside which means the kiddos are not as focused as they were a month ago and let’s be honest, we homeschooling mamas are ready for a break too. Summer is so close we can smell it and after a long winter who doesn’t want to get some sunshine therapy! However, you probably have a bit more schooling that needs to be completed before you can officially wrap things up which can be grueling to do at times.

Never fear fellow homeschoolers, I have learned a few tips over my last 5 years of homeschooling on how to finish your homeschool year strong and to keep you from pooping out. Read More

How To Make Hummingbird Food

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hummingbirdThey’re back! One of the things I love so much about spring and summer are the arrival of the ruby throated hummingbirds. Here in Kentucky they arrive from their winter homes in April and stay with us until mid-October. They are so much fun to watch! Did you know hummingbirds can fly backwards? They are amazing to watch in flight and put on quite the acrobatic show! We have many close encounters with our birds. So many in fact that my family and I have studied them for the past 10 years.

It all started when a close friend of mine gave me three little hummingbird feeders for my birthday. I brought the feeders home not really expecting to see any birds but boy, was I wrong! I had many hummers and I also had a new passion in my life. I began to feverishly study all the material I could get my hands on about hummingbirds and in particular, ruby throats, since that is what we see in my area.

I was amazed to learn that hummingbirds actually have super fast metabolisms. So fast, in fact, that they live on the brink of death! All that zooming and zipping causes them to need a constant supply of food. Read More