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Essential Rewards Melodye Reynolds


Essential Rewards is an amazing monthly program that Young Living offers to help you save money and get even more of their awesome products. To learn more about the program itself you can check out a post I wrote here.

I order products from Young Living every month because we love them and use them so much. I don’t just order oils either. I order household goods and have them delivered to my door. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cleaning products, supplements…the list goes on. Not only am I getting toxic free quality products but I am spending less time at the grocery store…and saving money!

I often laugh when I hear people say that the products are “too expensive” or “pricey”. If you are smart about how you order and know all of the options Young Living offers, you can save up to 54% off of retail prices like I did this month. (You are talking to a former extreme couponer here after all. I love to save in any way I can!)

Let me break it down for you. 

Here is what I ordered. 

4 bottles of Ningxia Red


1 Box of 2oz Ningxia Red Pouches


3 boxes of Ningxia Nitro


1 bottle Theives Mouthwash


1 box of Lavender samples


1 box Peace and Calming Samples


1 box Thieves samples


All of that adds up to a whopping $475.73 retail. 

By simply being a wholesale member I saved 24% which then made the total $338.25!

But wait, I saved even more…

The rewards program gives me 20% of what I spend back in points that act just like dollars. (This month Young Living  also offered an extra 10% back in points as a part of their monthly promotions if you ordered though the essential rewards program so I actually got 30% back in points!) Total points earned for this month is 101. That’s basically $101 I get in my Young Living account to spend on any product I want! So that reduces my total to $237.25.

And it doesn’t stop there! Due to the awesome promotions that Young Living offers each month, I was able to get Mineral Essence, tangerine oil, lemon oil and aroma life oil for FREE! Just for ordering a certain amount. That is a total of $142.76 worth of product! 

So after all of the savings due to essential rewards and Young Living’s monthly promotions, it’s like I paid $95 for my order this month.

(I actually get my product completely for free because I share how much I love the oils and Young Living in turn sends me a thank you check. I can show you how to do the same!)

So the moral of the story is this, if you are serious about using essential oils Young Living has it set up so that you can actually afford them. Using the rewards program and the promotions can save you a lot of money and get some great products into your hands.


Since writing this post the essential rewards program has gotten even better! You save MORE!

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Homeschool Room Tour

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Homeschool Room Tour Melodye ReynoldsWelcome to our homeschool room! One of my favorite things that I love to do it is look at other people’s homeschool rooms so I thought that today I would give you a full tour of ours!

We live in 1,000 square foot home so space is limited to say the least. Our homeschool room is actually a multipurpose room. It is our dining room as well as my office. I run a business from home so this room is equipped for triple duty action.

My biggest tip for having a room that has to serve many purposes is to organize, organize, organize. You will see that in our homeschool room everything has a place and a purpose. It is also critical that things get put back in their places so that we don’t lose any function in the room. For example, when the school day is over we put away all of our school and business things so that we can use the table for dinner time.

Now, it’s true that you do not need a classroom in order to homeschool but, for our family we found that it is best to have one. It helps my daughter to get into school mode. We do, however, school throughout our entire house. We may do reading in the living room or math in one of the bedrooms but the school room is where we do most of our studies. Everything we need is in one space and it just sparks imagination and learning for us. Read More

Periscope Prayer

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Prayerscope With Melodye Reynolds



I wrote a while back about a new app that I absolutely adore called Periscope. You can find out more about the app here. It is an app that allows you to do a live broadcast at any time. I have been using it to share my faith. One way that I do that is to do a live prayer each weeknight at 9:00 pm EST. I have posted a prayer each night to bless those connected with me on my Facebook page for a long time and I just decided to start doing those prayers live on Periscope a few weeks ago. I love to pray a blessing over people before they go to bed. I think we could all use that and it’s a great way to end the night on a positive note. I have lovingly named them “prayerscopes”

Spreading The Good News On Periscope

I believe that social media is a very powerful way to spread the good news of Jesus and to share the gospel. I believe that God is indeed working though social media and I want to be a part of that. I really want to promote the positive and good and drown out the negative that has consumed so many social media platforms. Read More