How To Make Thieves Tea!

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How to make Thieves Tea-


I don’t drink coffee! I know…I can hear the gasps now! I can’t. The caffeine inflames my stomach and I will get very sick.

But  something I can enjoy on a cold day is a hot cup of Thieves tea. Thieves is an essential oil blend (meaning it has more than one essential oil in it) from Young Living that is wonderful for boosting your immune system. We all know that when your immune system is functioning at it’s best you feel better and you are better able to fight off germs. Essential oils are great for giving that system a nice boost.

There are many ways that you can use Thieves to do this. One way I like to use it is to make Thieves tea. It is very yummy and it smells like Christmas! I also add a few drops of lemon essential oil for taste. (Lemon oil is also great for cleansing the body!)

As an added bonus, the Thieves blend contains clove oil which can have a numbing effect so if you have a scratchy throat, the tea can provide some comfort. 

Here’s how to make it!
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Prayer for Bible Reading and Printable Bookmark!

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Prayer before reading the bible!

I love getting into the word. I have a standing appointment with my couch, my bible and my journal each and every morning and when I miss that appoinment, I find that my day tends to go a lot less smoothly.

I also pray every day. All. day. long. because well, I need His help to get through the day. I have learned over the last few years that combining the two- prayer and the bible- have really changed my walk with God. Praying before I read the bible really opened my understanding of what I read. Read More

Essential Oil Don’ts!

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There are a few don’ts when it comes to using essential oils and I am sharing them with you in the video today! My daughter is helping me explain too which is always a lot of fun. Watch to the end to see her happy dance 😉

(This is a Periscope recording. In case you are wondering what Periscope is, you can read more about it here.) 

If you are interested in the Periscope video that I mentioned where I showed all of the diffusers, you can view that replay  here!

If you missed the Introduction to Essential Oils webinar I mentioned, the recording will be available on this site soon!