Beyond the Starter Kit

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Dear friend that is looking to live a healthier life but wants an easy way to do it,

Are you looking for ways to take the chemicals out of your home but you feel overwhelmed with even thinking about where to begin with that task?


This class is for you. We can show you how to make it simple and even free up some of your time.

Many people don’t realize that Young Living offers more than just essential oils. Many don’t explore the products beyond the starter kit they order. I was recently diagnosed with a fragrance allergy which means I had to clear my home from all synthetic fragrances and that I had to start paying attention to what the products that I brought into my home had in them. I had to become a label reader.

I had been a Young Living member for a while and didn’t even realize that I could replace a lot of household items with Young Living products! I could literally replacement buy. In other words I could replace a lot of the things I was already buying at the grocery store with products from Young Living. Even better, I am buying from myself and getting products for free by doing it.


In this class you will learn about Young Living’s:

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