The Key To Finding Your Purpose

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We hear a lot of talk about fulfilling your purpose and the calling on your life, but not a lot about how to find your purpose if you aren’t sure what that is.

I belive the key to finding your purpose lies in your passions. The Lord has placed passions in each one of us. Sometimes we grow up, get responsibilities and have to adult so we forget about what things we loved as a kid. If that is you, I want you to think back to your childhood. What did you love? What made you happy just to be doing it? What did you want to be when you grew up? Read More

Essential Oils In The Bedroom

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Did you know that essential oils can actually be used in the bedroom? (No, I don’t mean for improved sleep!) I mean, for your romantic life. You know, bow chicka wow wow time. Oh come on now! You know you have that playing in your head right now.

In the video above I talk about how important intimacy is for our marriages. I know of a lot of couples that struggle with this, especially after kids. 

I’m gonna use the s word. Sex should be part of our marriage on a regular basis. It should be a time to reconnect and yes, to even have fun. It is a gift the Lord has given us married folk. We get to enjoy one another’s bodies. Both parties should enjoy it. It creates a deeper connection with our spouse and it even releases happy hormones. Sex makes you happier!

But I know that realistically, life can be stressful and even exhausting. We often come to the end of a day worn out and that is the last thing on our mind. BUT, it needs to be a priority in our lives. You do things for your kids all day long, and taking care of the relationship of thier parents should also be something you do for them. A better marriage for you means stability for them. You are your children’s role models after all. You are showing them what marriage should be like.

One suggestion that can really make a difference for you making sure you get those extracurricular activities in is to put it in your schedule. Yes, I just told you to schedule sex into your calendar. You can close your mouth now.

Make the time for it. It can actually be fun when you know ahead of time. You can make yourself feel pretty that day. Put on something sexy. Flirt with each other. Send a sexy text.

And here is where essential oils can be helpful. Read More

You need a vehicle for change

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We have been having some great discussions over on my Facebook page. Too good to just keep on the page so I am sharing here with you in case you missed it. We have talked the past month about how to set realistic attainable prayerful goals and map them out so you can be successful HERE. We then discussed how to create a faith based vision board to keep you focused on those goals  HERE.

So the next step after mapping your goals and creating a clear vision for your life is to consider how you can make that vision you have for your life actually happen. Its great to decide on what you want, but you need to then take action, otherwise that vision becomes a dream and not a reality. Not only am I creating the life I want but I am also creating a legacy that I can pass on to my child. In this video I discuss exactly how I am doing that and how what I do is also a smart option for you.  You can watch the full video by clicking the play button on the image above.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are doing to help you make your vision happen.