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I am passionate about organizing but I am just as passionate about cleaning. I need things to be clean in order to feel that peace. Just like clutter, dirt and dust cause me stress. Now, I am not saying I never have any dust in my home but because we have indoor allergies here, it’s important that I clean as often as I can.


I need my household cleaner and dusting spray to cut the dirt. I also don’t want harmful chemicals in my home. I cannot control what my family is exposed to in the world but I believe that I decide what crosses the threshold into my home. I can control THAT. I am the gate keeper of my own home.


There is one all purpose household cleaner I use for cleaning just about errrrthing in my home. From my toilets to my fruit, because it is that safe. It takes up way less space than 10 different cleaners under my counter and it doesn’t compromise the health of my family. (Hello, less clutter!) It is Young Living’s Thieves cleaner.


The only other thing I use to clean with is essential oils. Not only are they safe but they are actually really good for the body. Why not support your immune system while you clean instead of breaking it down?


In today’s video I share with you all of my natural cleaning tips and recipes. I’ll show you how easy and cost effective it is to clean with Thieves cleaner and essential oils. I will show you how to use them. I will also explain how much cleaners with chemicals can effect the health of your loved ones. (Don’t worry, nothing too negative. Just some things to educate you.)




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In today’s video we are talking about systems!

To make sure that clutter doesn’t ever become an issue again, you will want to set up systems. Systems are just ways to keep things organized and running smoothly. Simple steps to follow to keep things from piling up and overwhelming you. I share with you some of the systems that keep clutter from being an issue in my home.


These systems create a lot of time for me because I am not constantly managing clutter and they make cleaning so much faster. These are systems that you can use to do the same for you. Be sure to grab a pen and paper to take notes.

To purchase the mini file organizer that I use for bill organization click HERE

To grab a decorative file box like the one I have you can click HERE

To view other organizational products that I use in my home and recommend click HERE


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In today’s video we learn that by holding onto clutter you are actually holding onto fear of lack and you are not trusting for provision to come. That’s known as poverty mentality. We get stuck in always struggling because we hold on to what we have and we become a resovire. We want to be a river. We are to allow things to flow out of and into our lives and the lives of others. When we stop that flow, we miss out on blessings. Faith means trusting that your needs will met. 

We also talk about how to purge your home of the unwanted clutter and get you started with the process of letting go.