What not to say to someone dealing with depression

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We all have either been depressed or know someone that is dealing with it. In this recent Facebook live I shared what not to say to someone dealing with depression because it makes the person feel worse. How do I know? I have dealt with anxiety and depression since my early 20’s. I have had a lot of things said to me that only made me feel more hopeless. I also recommend what TO SAY that will be helpful.

Our words can have a profound influence on people so we need to choose them with wisdom.

Watch and let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment on the video.

This is such an important topic that we need to be having honest conversations about.



marriage advice

How to have a peaceful, joyful and yes SEXY marriage!

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I get tons of questions about marriage from a faith perspective so I decided to share my top tips on a Facebook Live and get really honest. Take it from a girl that has made a lot of mistakes but found happiness. I have failed at marriage and succeeded so I discussed practical tips on how to have a peaceful, joyful and yes—SEXY marriage.

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I pray this blesses you!