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Why I don’t recommend buying just one essential oil

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I get a lot of questions about individual essential oils but I never recommend just buying one of them. In this Facebook live I explain how to use your money more wisely and how buying a starter kit of 11 essential oils will be of greater benefit for you.

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How to stop fearing the future!

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In a recent Facebook Live I talked about fearing the future. You know, fearing the unknown. For many of us, it’s what keeps us up at night with worry.

The bible actually gives us step by step instructions for what we are to do when we have those very fears and why going back to what is familiar is a mistake. Take a few minutes to listen in…

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The dangers of buying your essential oils from grocery stores!

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Make it STOP! I am on a mission to educate the world about the dangers of buying essential oils from Walmart and other grocery stores. Check out this Facebook live where I show you exactly why store bought essential oils are dangerous if you are using them for health benefits and which oils to use instead. When you know better, you do better!

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