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How to know if you’re an empath with the gift of discernment in the kingdom

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A few years ago I had a business coach call me an empath. A WHAT? Oh noo! I don’t do woo woo stuff. No magic or things like that. I don’t mess with spirits or voo doo!

I laugh now, because I did what I always do, I got curious and started researching it on good ol’ Google. As I read about the characteristics of an empath I nearly jumped out of my seat. It described what I had been experiencing my whole life and I also discovered that it means I have the spiritual gift of discernment. God made me this way and there is a purpose for it. In this Facebook live I share with you what it means to be an empath in the Kingdom and what that purpose is. I know that I am not alone. A lot of you reading this are empaths too and you don’t even know it! Take a few minutes and listen in, this may explain a WHOLE LOT about who you are. Knowing this has given me so much peace and allowed me to step into this gift more boldly. I pray that it does the same for you too.



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How to shrink the giants in your life in one easy step!

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We all have giants in our lives. Problems and circumstances can seem so huge that we can’t see how they will ever work out and they become GIANTS to us. In this recent Facebook Live bible study I dig into the word and teach you how to make those giants you are facing get a lot smaller by doing one simple thing.

Check it out and be sure to leave a comment so I can see you!