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Boundaries Can Help You Find Happiness and Peace

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I recently did a live broadcast all about one thing that I have done that has had the most profound effect on my quality of life and happiness is to create boundaries in my life. Yes, as a Jesus follower I am certainly called to love but I am in no way called to be a doormat or to endure abuse and neither are you. So many people life unhappy lives because they are afraid to set up and enforce boundaries in their lives. You only get one life, and Jesus didn’t die for you to live it and be miserable.

So what are boundaries?

Boundaries are how you define what is and isn’t acceptable in your life.

How do you establish boundaries in your life?

Boundaries are how you teach people to treat you. Yes, I said teach. What you allow teaches others how you can be treated. They are how you define what you will and won’t put up with. What is and what isn’t allowed in your world. It’s important that you understand that you are not responsible for other people, but yourself instead. Yes there are times when you should help others but we must all do our own part in the world and sometimes people don’t and that’s when problems happen.

Words are important when establishing boundaries. Communicating is key. One of the most powerful words is NO. Saying no can be freeing. Learning to say no to things that aren’t good for you and don’t move you forward can change your life. 

A powerful phrase that can be used to set up boundaries is “I don’t like it when…”  you criticize me, you put me down, you call me names, you yell at me, you cut me off when I am speaking, you bring up that subject, you are negative…on and on. These are clear messages that explain something that makes you uncomfortable. If the person continues to do what you say bothers you, remove yourself from the situation.

Physical distance is another way to set up boundaries. Some situations and relationships will require you to physically remove yourself from them. Even Jesus removed Himself from both at times. This can be permanent or temporary. By removing yourself you are saying that it is something you will no longer tolerate and it gives people a wake up call. They can either choose to correct their behavior or they have the consequence of not being around you.

Now this may sound harsh, but think about it. How many times have you kept someone in your life because you don’t want to hurt them only to wind up miserable in your own life? Sometimes that leads to abuse. By taking authority over what you will and won’t allow in your life, you are creating your own happiness. That isn’t being selfish or cruel. By telling someone what you don’t like and making it clear what you won’t be around, they ultimately have the choice of changing thier behavior or not. That is their responsibility. You are responsible for your actions. We need to take responsibility for our own choices and if they don’t, then they have made the decison.

You cannot control or change how another person behaves but you can choose how you respond. Some people will never change and that is their choice, you choose whether you can continue the relationship and behavior or not. You can limit your exposure to them. There is nothing to feel guilty about either. Being around people that tear you down is not good for you. By taking control, you are taking responsibility.

A lot of times the fear of being alone keeps people in situations that are joy suckers or dangerous. Fear is a lie from the pit of hell and I detest it. It stopped me for many years and I am passionate about helping people to conquer it. The enemy uses it to keep us from walking in all that God has for us and I rebuke it! Honestly, I would rather be alone and with the Lord than to ever be abused again. Lonely beats abuse and negativity any day. If you let go of toxic people and relationships, you make room for healthy ones.

To learn more about boundaries I suggest reading the book Boundaries which you can find HERE!

Bible Study Could this be the root of your anxiety and depression?

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I recently did a live broadcast in which I discussed what could be the root cause of a lot of anxiety and depression.

If we take a look at the actions of Elijah in 1 Kings 19 we can learn a lot. Elijah had just done some amazing things. Made fools of people worshipping the wrong god, slayed them and then prayed on his knees until a miracle happened. And then he gets a threat and acts irrationally. He runs into the wilderness and prays to God to die! WHAT? Dramatic much? How does that make any sense? In the video I discuss what caused him to sink into this kind of deep depression and it could be exactly what you are dealing with too.

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essential oils and the bible

What the bible has to say about how safe essential oils are!

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I get this question rather often! Are essential oils really safe? There is a lot of misinformation about essential oil on the internet and it can be confusing so I totally get it.

First of all yes, pure essential oils are safe and I am going to show you how even the bible says so but also keep in mind that many essential oils on the market are NOT pure. They are full of chemicals because there is no regulation on them so they can be labeled 100% pure yet still be full of toxins. So what do you do? You do some research. I only use Young Living essential oils because I know for a fact that they are pure and because I have used them for 4 years with amazing results. It is the only company with a purity guarantee called Seed to Seal. To learn more about that click HERE

But did you also know that the bible itself says that (real, pure) essential oils are inherently safe? The Lord created things by speaking them into existence and He took great care to create plants which is where we get essential oils from. They are extracted from plants, leaves, trees, roots, shrubs…from all different parts of plants.

If you then, believe in God’s word, because He spoke plants into existence He imbued them with His word and His intelligence. That extends to the oils of the plants that He intended for us to use as natural medicines for our bodies, minds and spirits. They contain power from God’s word. Because He is such a good good Father, we can then believe that He created them with a purpose and that purpose was for us to use them to maintain our wellness.

Essential oils have the intelligence to go into the body and do what they need to do without harming other parts. Modern medications do not have that intelligence because they are made by man in a lab and that means you are damaging one part of the body to deal with symptoms from another part. Look at the side effects listed for medications! Ever hear one of those commercials where they talk really fast at the end and tell you the side effects. Scary stuff y’all. 

Many times when you take more than one medication you have to deal with them interacting and causing other dangerous issues. Because essential oils contain intelligence, there is no danger when you use more than one at a time. I usually start my day using at least 3! They actually work in harmony with one another. Essential oils have no serious side effects. (no fast talking end to tell you death can occur)

Essential oils promote healing where as medications only deal with symptoms.

70% of the books of the bible reference essential oils, their uses or the plants that they come from.

Also if you go back to the story of Adam and Eve, where did they live? In a garden full of plants and essential oils. It was God’s intention for us to be surrounded by plants that contained essential oils. That means they breathed essential oils all day long.

If you can clear your mind of what you have been taught about medicine you can then open it to looking at natural alternatives.

So yes, essential oils are safe and the bible says so!

To grab the book I am referring, Healing Oils of the Bible click HERE

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