Bible Study You can’t heal a wound if you’re always picking at it

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A wound will never heal if you keep picking at it. Do you often revisit old wounds? Is it hard to let go of past hurts? I can totally understand. I’ve struggled with that too. The bible has a lot to say about looking back, listen in on this Facebook live where I discuss what scripture tells us to do.

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How to feel more balanced in life with the 7 Fs

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Do you struggle with balance? We have so many things that pull at us. Parenting, marriage, friendships, work…it can be a LOT and it can make you feel like that one guy on the old time talent shows that spins all the plates at once. Yeah, except I can’t DO that and that is how life can feel when you try to find complete balance.

Balance, I belive, is not really possible. I don’t think you can ever truly balance every area of your life or that you should even try. However, I do think that you can FEEL more balanced if you use the 7 Fs and I explain how to do that in the video. Listen in…