One way to deal with overwhelm

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Many of us deal with feeling overwhelmed and why wouldn’t we? We fulfill so many different roles. Parent, spouse, friend, co-worker, home keeper and on and on. We have a 20 plates spinning all at the same time and we rush to each on to keep it from crashing only to have them all crash at once! Can you feel me on THAT? I see you shaking your head up and down thinking mmmmm hhhmmmmm…

A concept that I learned about that really helped me to understand WHY I feel so overwhelmed and then how to feel less like that is something called open loops. In his book (which I highly recommend) Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress- Free Productivity David Allen tells us that open loops are all those tasks we have to do that are constantly running through our brains. You know, the stuff that usually comes to mind as you try to turn your brain off for the day? He explains that trying to remember all these tasks is like having all the apps open on your phone, it drains your battery (aka, brain and energy). By writing all these tasks down and organizing them you allow your brain to release the stress and worry of keeping up with all of them.

In the video I explain how to then take those tasks and organize them in a way that ensures that they actually get done. 

You’re not alone! Many of us struggle with anxiety because we just have so much on our plates that we feel like we can’t take a breath. There are things like this that can help you to be productive and organized so that you don’t deal with that overwhelmed feeling all the time because you know what needs to get done and you’ve got it all organized. 

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When friends and family aren’t supportive

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It happens…you make a decision and share it with those closest to you and they just don’t get it. You expect them to be excited with you and share your enthusiasm but instead they are negative. Instantly deflating…

I’ve been there too. I have a Young Living business that I run from home, I homeschool, I’m completely against religion but I love Jesus. I live most of my life differently than the rest of the world. I expected for those that love me to be my biggest cheerleaders but instead those expectations were met with disappointment and hurt. I mean, how hard is it for someone to share your Facebook posts to help you get more reach so you can make more money to take care of your husband and child? Right? How hard is it to tell other family members about your amazing products? How hard is it to keep your mouth shut about someone’s decision to oversee their child’s education personally? I am just saying what most of us honestly feel.

I recently did this Facebook Live where I explain why I think those closest to us struggle sometimes to see what it is we are trying to do. It is something that has helped me to be more understanding of those unsupportive loved ones.

I also offer my advice about what to do when you encounter this situation.

Be sure to leave a comment on the video and let me know if you find it helpful too. I hope you find some encouragement to keep being you to the fullest. I believe in you and all the things you are doing to be who you were created to be.




How to protect your energy!

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In my last post I talked about being an empath (with the gift of discernment) and how I know that I am one. If you missed it go  here and watch it first because it will help you to better understand this post.

If you are an empath (a seer/feeler in the kingdom), it is utterly important to learn how to protect your own energy so that you don’t feel drained all the time and so that your emotions are constantly being thrown off by other people. We can’t avoid negative people but there are things we can do to not be so affected by them.

 It took me a long time to learn things to help me to protect my own energy and today I am sharing my top tips with you. These are simple things you can do before you go around other people and after you come back home that will help you to not feel like the negativity is sticking to you. It’s not woo woo I promise.

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