How to deal with fear

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In this recent broadcast I did a bible study lesson on an example of how we as believers are to deal with fear.

Don’t beat yourself up just because you feel fear. God doesn’t expect us not to feel fear, but we are not to let it control or stop us. He tells us in His word to FEAR NOT! Feeling fear does not mean you don’t have enough faith or that you are weak but what matters more is how you handle it. More like, don’t let fear keep you from what He has for you. He knows we will feel it so He reminds us repeatedly. 

In 2 Chronicles 20:1-3 the “ites” come to destroy Jehoshaphat and he gets afraid but how he responds is a powerful example for us. We also have “ites” that come for us. Marriage-ites, Broke-ites, Health-ites and we can do exactly what Jehoshaphat did to conquer them and have victory. 

I pray this blesses you as it did me,

God understands even your sighs

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I woke up this morning feeling very anxious with a lot on my heart and mind. I was tempted to lay there and scroll Facebook in order to zone out because it WAS 4 am after all, but I decided to get up and pray. Funny thing is, I didn’t have it in me to put what I was feeling into words yet the Holy Spirit knew exactly what I was feeling.

I recently read a book that gave a scripture which I can’t recall at the moment that says that God understands even your sighs. I sigh a lot when I’m stressed or grieving. Science says we actually carry grief in our lungs. That’s why we feel like we can’t breathe when we grieve. I’ve been doing a lot of sighing lately as my soul is grieved and the Holy Spirit so sweetly ministered to my heart this early, still quiet morning. I think that we don’t spend enough time just being still and listening without any noise or distractions. Without the pressure to feeling like we have to find the words.  All I could mutter this morning were sighs and HELP ME JESUS and that was enough. God knows what we feel even when we can’t express it ourselves.

Psalm 38:9 says All my longings lie open before you, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you.

Needless to say, I’ve cried out the anxiety and allowed the Holy Spirit to just circle me with peace and divine silence. It’s moments like these that give me the strength to gather myself up and find some hope in the day. To face whatever battles I have to face and know that HE IS WITH ME.

I wanted to share so that you know that sometimes your prayer is just a sigh and a longing for God to show up in some way. To touch you and let you know He is there. Don’t always be so concerned with HOW you pray. He knows your heart and even just sitting in silence with the expectation of hearing from Him is enough for Him to know you are seeking Him.

Romans 8:26 says: In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

I pray you have an amazing day friend! (My husband wrecked just after I posted this. He is fine thankfully but I believe God was filling me up so that I could handle what the day would bring. He is ALWAYS WORKING!)


How to build up your confidence!

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Let’s have a talk sweet friend. If I could impart to you ONE thing it would be confidence. I believe that it (along with fear as its equal) is most people’s biggest struggle. 

I believe that we are born thinking we can do anything. Ask a 4 year old what they want to be when they grow up. You’ll get all kinds of answers. Some may even want to be the moon itself. They have so much confidence that they don’t even consider limitations!

So what happens? The enemy uses other people to tear our confidence down. We are labeled, told what we can and can’t do, and made to feel insecure. Words spoken over us at an early age sink into our souls and we start to believe them. We develop wrong thoughts and perceptions about ourselves and some are forever trapped in that.

That is NOT how we are suppose to feel. If we really love God we have to believe what He says about us. 

You see, He doesn’t make mistakes. He made you exactly the way you are on purpose. If you’re not confident in who you are, you need to ON PURPOSE change your mindset. You need to feed your brain and ears with the TRUTH about who you really are. Faith it until you make it. Believe the TRUTH, that you are beautiful, unique, worthy, IMPORTANT and beloved, IN FAITH. Choose to believe the good over the bad. Choose to believe that you matter. Choose to believe that the world needs your gifts!

Surround yourself only with people that life you higher. Refuse to be with those that don’t value you.

Learn that we are all just people in the end, trying to figure this thing called life out. You can do anything anyone else can do, you just have to take the leap and DO it!

Get over trying to be perfect. In the end, DONE is better than perfect any day. Don’t get to the end of your life and say what if I had just stepped out. I wish I had not let fear stop me. But instead choose to live boldly so you and look back and say, YEAH, I TOTALLY DID THAT!