Bible Study Could this be the root of your anxiety and depression?

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I recently did a live broadcast in which I discussed what could be the root cause of a lot of anxiety and depression.

If we take a look at the actions of Elijah in 1 Kings 19 we can learn a lot. Elijah had just done some amazing things. Made fools of people worshipping the wrong god, slayed them and then prayed on his knees until a miracle happened. And then he gets a threat and acts irrationally. He runs into the wilderness and prays to God to die! WHAT? Dramatic much? How does that make any sense? In the video I discuss what caused him to sink into this kind of deep depression and it could be exactly what you are dealing with too.

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Why I don’t recommend buying just one essential oil

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I get a lot of questions about individual essential oils but I never recommend just buying one of them. In this Facebook live I explain how to use your money more wisely and how buying a starter kit of 11 essential oils will be of greater benefit for you.

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