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premium starter kit

Why I don’t recommend buying just one essential oil

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I get a lot of questions about individual essential oils but I never recommend just buying one of them. In this Facebook live I explain how to use your money more wisely and how buying a starter kit of 11 essential oils will be of greater benefit for you.

Check it out!

Be sure to leave a comment on the video so I can see you and interact.



don't buy grocery store oils

The dangers of buying your essential oils from grocery stores!

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Make it STOP! I am on a mission to educate the world about the dangers of buying essential oils from Walmart and other grocery stores. Check out this Facebook live where I show you exactly why store bought essential oils are dangerous if you are using them for health benefits and which oils to use instead. When you know better, you do better!

Be sure to like the video, share it (let’s save the world together) and comment so I can see your beautiful face over there!



how to use essential oils

After Sun Skin Spray

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I recently shared how I use two of my favorite essential oils to make a spray to care for my skin when I get a little too much sun in a quick Facebook Live tutorial. This spray is healing and cooling at the same time and best of all it is super easy to make.

Please Note: I only recommend using Young Living essential oils on your skin because they are pure oils. Other brands may contain chemicals that can cause chemical burns. Only use the best oils!

Essential Oils 101 Video

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In this class you will learn:

What an essential oil is


How essential oils work


3 Easy ways to use essential oils


Why Young Living is such a trust worthy company


Essential oil precautions


What comes in a premium starter kit and why it’s the best value


Retail vs wholesale accounts- what’s the difference


Do you have to sell?


How to use essential oils to support your body for better health (we cover each oil in the premium starter kit!)


Easy ways to add essential oils to your everyday life with simple and quick tips


How to make essential oils affordable


How to learn more about essential oils

Ditch and Switch Method

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In this video I explain how easy it is to ditch toxic chemicals in your home and switch them out for safer products. I show you how I make it easy to do and affordable..hello! Mom on a budget! I also show specific products that I recommend because I use them and well…they just work.

You are the gatekeeper of your home. It’s true, you can’t control everything you are exposed to in the world but you CAN control what you allow to come into your home. You can make better decisions that can drastically improve the health of your family. Your children are exposed to so much inside of your home. You would be surprised at how chemicals can effect their development, and that is what caused me to search out better options for mine. When you know better, you do better and it’s a lot easier than you think. Listen in as I explain.

You can find all of our essential oils recipes that we us to replace toxic chemicals by clicking HERE!



Clean Up

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I am passionate about organizing but I am just as passionate about cleaning. I need things to be clean in order to feel that peace. Just like clutter, dirt and dust cause me stress. Now, I am not saying I never have any dust in my home but because we have indoor allergies here, it’s important that I clean as often as I can.


I need my household cleaner and dusting spray to cut the dirt. I also don’t want harmful chemicals in my home. I cannot control what my family is exposed to in the world but I believe that I decide what crosses the threshold into my home. I can control THAT. I am the gate keeper of my own home.


There is one all purpose household cleaner I use for cleaning just about errrrthing in my home. From my toilets to my fruit, because it is that safe. It takes up way less space than 10 different cleaners under my counter and it doesn’t compromise the health of my family. (Hello, less clutter!) It is Young Living’s Thieves cleaner.


The only other thing I use to clean with is essential oils. Not only are they safe but they are actually really good for the body. Why not support your immune system while you clean instead of breaking it down?


In today’s video I share with you all of my natural cleaning tips and recipes. I’ll show you how easy and cost effective it is to clean with Thieves cleaner and essential oils. I will show you how to use them. I will also explain how much cleaners with chemicals can effect the health of your loved ones. (Don’t worry, nothing too negative. Just some things to educate you.)



Essential Oils In The Bedroom

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Did you know that essential oils can actually be used in the bedroom? (No, I don’t mean for improved sleep!) I mean, for your romantic life. You know, bow chicka wow wow time. Oh come on now! You know you have that playing in your head right now.

In the video above I talk about how important intimacy is for our marriages. I know of a lot of couples that struggle with this, especially after kids. 

I’m gonna use the s word. Sex should be part of our marriage on a regular basis. It should be a time to reconnect and yes, to even have fun. It is a gift the Lord has given us married folk. We get to enjoy one another’s bodies. Both parties should enjoy it. 

But I know that realistically, life can be stressful and even exhausting. We often come to the end of a day worn out and that is the last thing on our mind. BUT, it needs to be a priority in our lives. You do things for your kids all day long, and taking care of the relationship of thier parents should also be something you do for them. A better marriage for you means stability for them. You are your children’s role models after all. You are showing them what marriage should be like.

One suggestion that can really make a difference for you making sure you get those extracurricular activities in is to put it in your schedule. Yes, I just told you to schedule sex into your calendar. You can close your mouth now.

Make the time for it. It can actually be fun when you know ahead of time. You can make yourself feel pretty that day. Put on something sexy. Flirt with each other. Send a sexy text.

And here is where essential oils can be helpful. Read More

Why your household cleaner matters

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I did a Facebook live recently about one small change I made in my home that improved the health of my family dramatically. It’s a simple change that actually saves me time and mulah. I mean, who doesn’t like that! Check out the video and be sure to leave a comment under it so I see your beautiful face.

To order the cleaner I suggest getting a wholesale account with me with Young Living and ordering the Thieves starter kit. Contact me HERE and I can show you how to do that. Or if you are ready to order click HERE to see instructions on how to do that!




Essential Oils for Emotional Health

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Essential Oils for Emotional Support

Dear Friend that is feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted,

Are you feeling like maybe you’ve lost your spark for life? Distracted? Disconnected? This class can help if you will take the time to join in.

A few years ago that’s exactly how I felt too. I was living a life that I wasn’t happy with. I woke up each morning and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had no energy and no hope. I was a wreck. I was on several “mood stablizing medicines and I was so numb that I didn’t care much about anything.

And then I accidentally discovered that essential oils can help you with emotional wellness. Yes, it was an accident. I began using them to help me with other issues and discovered that they actually helped me emotionally by promoting calmness, uplifting me, and even energizing me. Things I had not felt in so long, that I had forgotten how good they felt.

Yeah it sounds crazy and surprised me too, but if you will let me (along with my business partner Jessica, who has had the same experience) we can show you how essential oils for emotional support actually make a lot of sense. We want to show you the science behind why essential oils go straight to the emotional center of the brain and start working immediately to help you to feel better and heal. Read More

How To Learn More About Essential Oils!

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young living

Essential oils are amazing but only if you know how to actually use them! I have a passion for educating people on how to do just that. 

I have been using Young Living essential oils for almost 3 years and in that time I have done a LOT of research! What can I say, I am a type “A” personality and I like facts. Along the way I have discovered some awesome essential oil resources that are very helpful in learning about the different components (the science of) essential oils and how to actually use them.

So, I thought I would share them with you.

If you have essential oils you NEED a reference guide! Click here or here

This is also a great little informational booklet (simplified essential oil desk reference): Click here

Young Living’s product education blog: Click here

PubMed Young Living Essential Oil Research on US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health: click here

Young Living’s Seed To Seal Video Quality website: Click here

I encourage you to learn more about how essential oils work and how to use them so that you can see how easy it is to incorporate them into everyday life. Along with reading about them, I suggest trying a variety of oils to see how your own body responds. All of us are made uniquely and so we may find that some oils work better for us than others. The only way to know is to try therefor yourself. Essential oils are a wonderful way to support your health and overall wellness so arm yourself with correct information. Visit this site often as I am always adding oily tips and tricks!

Blessings and Happy Oiling,


Beyond the Starter Kit

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Dear friend that is looking to live a healthier life but wants an easy way to do it,

Are you looking for ways to take the chemicals out of your home but you feel overwhelmed with even thinking about where to begin with that task?


This class is for you. We can show you how to make it simple and even free up some of your time.

Many people don’t realize that Young Living offers more than just essential oils. Many don’t explore the products beyond the starter kit they order. I was recently diagnosed with a fragrance allergy which means I had to clear my home from all synthetic fragrances and that I had to start paying attention to what the products that I brought into my home had in them. I had to become a label reader.

I had been a Young Living member for a while and didn’t even realize that I could replace a lot of household items with Young Living products! I could literally replacement buy. In other words I could replace a lot of the things I was already buying at the grocery store with products from Young Living. Even better, I am buying from myself and getting products for free by doing it.


In this class you will learn about Young Living’s:

Read More

Essential Oils and Healthy Weight Management

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Essential Oils Let us show you how essential oils can help you to attain and maintain a healthy weight the all natural way. Specific products to make the journey to a healthy weight easier! We can show you how to stop laying down to fit in your jeans once and for all!


Dear friend that has struggled with weight in some form,  friend that has tried all the diet gimmicks but never has lasting results,

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Jeans fitting a little too snug? Are your yoga pants your new BFF?

 I have been where you are. I gained 54 pounds a few years back during a bout of extreme depression and knew it had to come off. I struggled with how to make that happen. I tried different products and weight loss programs but nothing seemed to be anything I could (and be willing to) stick to because when you are dealing with weight, it’s about a lifestyle change that will actually fit into the life you already live. I needed something simple and easy that would give me results.

Losing weight is all about using the right tools. 

Read More

Essential Oils and the Bible Class!

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Do essential oils seem weird to you? Do they sound kind of crazy? Are you completely skeptical but still a little curious? Then this is the class for you!

Already using essential oils but want to learn more about their biblical history? Already a believer in the power of the oils but want to learn what the bible says about them? Then this is also the class for you!

Essential oils are not in any way new. They have been around since creation and have been used for thousands of years to support better health.

They are not new age, woo woo, voodoo or magic. That is a lie that the enemy wants us to believe. He loves to taint anything that is of God. Essential oils are from plants and are part of God’s original design. It’s that simple.

In class we discuss the history of essential oils and multiple biblical references where essential oils are mentioned! That’s right, the bible mentions and discusses essential oils and we want to share our research with you. Read More

How To Make Thieves Tea!

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How to make Thieves Tea- MelodyeReynolds.com


I don’t drink coffee! I know…I can hear the gasps now! I can’t. The caffeine inflames my stomach and I will get very sick.

But  something I can enjoy on a cold day is a hot cup of Thieves tea. Thieves is an essential oil blend (meaning it has more than one essential oil in it) from Young Living that is wonderful for boosting your immune system. We all know that when your immune system is functioning at it’s best you feel better and you are better able to fight off germs. Essential oils are great for giving that system a nice boost.

There are many ways that you can use Thieves to do this. One way I like to use it is to make Thieves tea. It is very yummy and it smells like Christmas! I also add a few drops of lemon essential oil for taste. (Lemon oil is also great for cleansing the body!)

As an added bonus, the Thieves blend contains clove oil which can have a numbing effect so if you have a scratchy throat, the tea can provide some comfort. 

Here’s how to make it!
Read More

Essential Oil Don’ts!

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There are a few don’ts when it comes to using essential oils and I am sharing them with you in the video today! My daughter is helping me explain too which is always a lot of fun. Watch to the end to see her happy dance 😉

(This is a Periscope recording. In case you are wondering what Periscope is, you can read more about it here.) 

If you are interested in the Periscope video that I mentioned where I showed all of the diffusers, you can view that replay  here!

If you missed the Introduction to Essential Oils webinar I mentioned, the recording will be available on this site soon!



Essential Oils and the Body Systems!

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Essential Oils and the Body Systems

Did you know that you can use essential oils to support the heathy function of the body? They are an all natural way to promote your health and boost your immune system. A better immune system means a healthier you!

In order to understand essential oils better, you need to learn about the different body systems and then which oils support each system.

This is a quick video where my amazing team member/fellow oiler Jessica Hinojosa of The Daily’s With Jess and I discuss just that!



Introduction To Essential Oils Webinar!

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Introduction To Essential Oils- melodyereynolds.com


Have you heard a lot of hype about essential oils lately and you just don’t get it? I have just the thing for you! I am hosting an interactive Introduction to Essential Oils webinar on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 7:00 pm EST. We will spend an hour learning all about essential oils and you can get your questions answered! You can join right from home with your phone, tablet or computer while I share my oily wisdom and lots of practical tips with you!

Live viewers will be given a special offer for attending! You don’t want to miss that!

In this webinar you will learn:

What an essential oil is


How essential oils work


3 Ways to use essential oils


Why Young Living is such a trust worthy company


Essential oil precautions


What comes in a premium starter kit and why it’s the best value


Retail vs wholesale accounts- what’s the difference 


Do you have to sell?


How to use essential oils to support your body for better health (we will cover each oil in the premium starter kit!)


Easy ways to add essential oils to your everyday life with simple and quick tips


How to make essential oils affordable


Class will end with Q and A time so that you can get all of your questions answered on the spot!

So come join me! We will get down to the knitty gritty of what essential oils are all about, how they have been used for thousands of years and why people are so crazy about them today! Hope to see you there!


Click here to register: Register Now!




Essential Rewards Savings

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Essential Rewards Melodye Reynolds


Essential Rewards is an amazing monthly program that Young Living offers to help you save money and get even more of their awesome products. To learn more about the program itself you can check out a post I wrote here.

I order products from Young Living every month because we love them and use them so much. I don’t just order oils either. I order household goods and have them delivered to my door. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cleaning products, supplements…the list goes on. Not only am I getting toxic free quality products but I am spending less time at the grocery store…and saving money!

I often laugh when I hear people say that the products are “too expensive” or “pricey”. If you are smart about how you order and know all of the options Young Living offers, you can save up to 54% off of retail prices like I did this month. (You are talking to a former extreme couponer here after all. I love to save in any way I can!)

Let me break it down for you. 

Here is what I ordered. 

4 bottles of Ningxia Red


1 Box of 2oz Ningxia Red Pouches


3 boxes of Ningxia Nitro


1 bottle Theives Mouthwash


1 box of Lavender samples


1 box Peace and Calming Samples


1 box Thieves samples


All of that adds up to a whopping $475.73 retail. 

By simply being a wholesale member I saved 24% which then made the total $338.25!

But wait, I saved even more…

The rewards program gives me 20% of what I spend back in points that act just like dollars. (This month Young Living  also offered an extra 10% back in points as a part of their monthly promotions if you ordered though the essential rewards program so I actually got 30% back in points!) Total points earned for this month is 101. That’s basically $101 I get in my Young Living account to spend on any product I want! So that reduces my total to $237.25.

And it doesn’t stop there! Due to the awesome promotions that Young Living offers each month, I was able to get Mineral Essence, tangerine oil, lemon oil and aroma life oil for FREE! Just for ordering a certain amount. That is a total of $142.76 worth of product! 

So after all of the savings due to essential rewards and Young Living’s monthly promotions, it’s like I paid $95 for my order this month.

(I actually get my product completely for free because I share how much I love the oils and Young Living in turn sends me a thank you check. I can show you how to do the same!)

So the moral of the story is this, if you are serious about using essential oils Young Living has it set up so that you can actually afford them. Using the rewards program and the promotions can save you a lot of money and get some great products into your hands.


Since writing this post the essential rewards program has gotten even better! You save MORE!

young living




Essential Oils and Kids!

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melodye reynolds.com



Essential oils are gaining a lot of attention and popularity today. I remember a few years ago when I first tried them, I was amazed that all of the hype turned out to be true. I was even more thrilled to learn that my daughter who was 7 at the time, could use them as well.

Over the past couple of years we have used the essential oils every single day and we have established a bit of a routine in our household that I thought I would share with you today.

My daughter was 7 when she first started using essential oils, so this is very doable for school age kids. For babies and toddlers, the oils can still be used but you would want to take a few precautions such as diluting (mixing the essential oil with a fatty oil such as coconut oil) and being careful of where you apply them. 

Oils for the Morning:

In the morning we usually diffuse lemon as it is very invigorating and uplifting emotionally. My daughter is like me, and we both struggle to get going in the mornings. Lemon gives us a healthy boost.

She also starts her day with a shot of Ningxia Red. That is a drink that is great for the whole body and is full of essential oils. It’s a great way to get the benefits of essential oils as the essential oils we use (Young Living) are safe for ingestion. It’s kind of like a liquid vitamin. It gets her going! She drinks one ounce (the amount it takes to fill up a shot glass) per day. (Our whole family drinks this daily!) Read More

Scented Play Dough

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Scented Playdough With Printable Recipe!

young living


Back to school time means fresh supplies for teachers and homeschoolers alike. One thing we started doing a few years ago, at the beginning of each homeschool year is making our own playdough. We like to make a fresh batch so that it is ready and available for creative play time. 

Once we discovered essential oils, we thought it might also be a fun idea to make our play dough scented! Not only would it be fun to squish, but it could also smell like heaven and stimulate new senses. Not to mention, the benefits of the oils themselves. 

So, I wanted to take a sec and share my tried and true scented playdough recipe. We are actually making some of this today!

Hope you enjoy! Happy schooling!

Take a moment and hop on over to our Facebook page and let us know if you make your own scented playdough! We love to share homeschool tips and tricks as well as encourage each other over there. Come say hi!




Scented Playdough
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  1. 1 c flour
  2. 1/2 c salt
  3. 2 tbsp cream of tartar
  4. 1 tsp olive oil
  5. 1 c water
  6. food coloring
  7. 10 drops essential oil
  1. Combine first 4 ingredients
  2. Add water
  3. Stir over medium heat
  4. Take out of pan and knead until doughy
  5. (add flour if needed)
  6. Add food coloring
  7. Add essential oils
  8. HAVE FUN!
Melodye Reynolds | Bible Study Tips | Bible Study | minimalism | essential oils | how to use essential oils | how to simplify your life | overwhelmed women | personal development | intentional living | Melodye Reynolds http://www.melodyereynolds.com/

Back To School With Essential Oils

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Back To School Recording Large


Free Webinar Recording!

 We all know what time it is! Whether it is back to school or back to homeschool, summer is coming to an end and it’s time for the kiddos to get back to the business of learning. With that also comes an increase of interaction with the world and that means the sharing of germs and increased exposure to viruses! ICK!  So, my business partner Jessica Hinojosa and I decided that we want to share what our families do to keep our immune systems strong all year long by using the power of essential oils and offering you a FREE webinar!

In this webinar you will learn:

 What an essential oil is


How to use essential oils on your kids and yourself safely

    Tips for using oils with babies and young children 


Which oils/oil infused products (supplements) to use to help support a healthy:

         -immune system

          -respiratory system

         -digestive system

Which oils  to use to: 


         -help your kids wake up

        -help your kids to focus

        -help promote restfulness and calming during bedtime

Easy tips to make these products part of your everyday routine 


How to get started with essential oils

    How and where to buy your oils!



Lets Learn About Essential Oils For Back To School Season!

Fill out the from on the button below!



Outdoor Spray

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melodye reynoldsIt’s spring time and that means flowers, sweet smells, sunshine and…lots more time outdoors! These oils combined make for an annoyance free time outside. 

 This literally takes 5 minutes to make! Don’t forget to print and save the recipe card below.


Yours for Better Health and a Better Life,

Melodye Reynolds


Outdoor Spray
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  1. 15 drops Purification essential oil
  2. 15 drops Lavender essential oil
  3. 15 drops Peppermint essential oil
  4. 1/2 cup distilled water
  5. 3 tbsp witch hazel
  1. Pour water into spray bottle.
  2. Add witch hazel.
  3. Add essential oils.
  4. Shake well.
Melodye Reynolds | Bible Study Tips | Bible Study | minimalism | essential oils | how to use essential oils | how to simplify your life | overwhelmed women | personal development | intentional living | Melodye Reynolds http://www.melodyereynolds.com/

Summertime Lotion Recipe

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essential oils

Spring is finally here and now that we will be heading back outside to enjoy the sunshine I wanted to share my all natural summer time lotion recipe with you!

I am really aware of the toxins we can put into our bodies through the many items that we place ON our skin. We are a very fair skinned family. Summer lotion is an absolute must for us all year round but especially in the spring and summer months. I started researching ways that I could make a natural sunscreen last summer and through my searching I discovered that coconut oil actually has natural SPF qualities. I later discovered that carrot seed essential oil and lavender essential oil also have sun blocking properties. After a fellow oiler suggested that I mix all of these together and use them as a sunscreen, I was so excited! Finally, something non-toxic we could use! Not only is it non-toxic, it’s actually good for you! Read More

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids On A Snow Day! (with Snow Cream Recipe)

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10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids On A Snow Day! (with Snow Cream Recipe)

Snow days!!! Remember how fun those were as a kid? I sure do, but now that you’re the parent, does the thought of a snow day scare you? Or what about the thought of several snow days in a row? Kids with abounding energy bouncing off the walls or singing the beloved Frozen song “Let It Go” got you going a little…well, mad? Stir crazy? Don’t worry, we have all been there. Here are some ideas to entertain the kiddos and while you’re at it you just might have some fun yourself!

1. Make Snow Cream:

(See recipe printable at the bottom of this post.) This has been around for a long time but it is relatively new to me. My husband grew up making snow cream and introduced it to me a few years ago. It is actually a really yummy treat and you probably already have all the ingredients that you need in the house! (Caution: Avoid yellow snow..hehe!) Read More

How To Sign Up With Young Living

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See the steps below!

 How To Sign Up With Young Living

Just a quick video to show you how to sign up (enroll) as a Young Living member.

Signing up with Young Living is super easy. Here are the steps below!

1. Click on the link the Young Living member sent you or go here.

2. Select either retail or wholesale member. (Remember wholesale saves you 24% on all of your products!)

3. Fill out the sponsor and enroller id number boxes. This is the member number of the person that told you about Young Living and ensures that they get a” thank you” check from the company. It’s very important to enter this number correctly in both boxes.

4. Personal Information: just fill this out with your name and address.(Please note that Young Living does ask for your social security number. This is a government requirement because you could get paid for referring others if you so choose to do that. This number is never seen by other members and is completely secure.)

5. Click the box that says you agree to the terms and conditions.

6. Next is the “Communication” section. Enter your email address so that Young Living can contact you.

7. You are going to create a username, password and pin number. Make sure to write these down and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to access your information and to order again.

8. Step Two! You are going to pick your starter kit. I highly recommend the premium starter kit with the 11 oils and the flower home diffuser. It’s the best bang for your buck and it gives you a great first experience. The Thieves kit is great as well!

9. Step Three is optional. It allows you to participate in the Essential Rewards program. You can find out all about that here. If you do not want to join in with that program right now, just select “No, thank you”.

10. Click on next and you can either finish the process or add more to your cart!

Tip: This is best done on a laptop or a desktop. Mobile devices sometimes get a blank screen after selecting the next button. If that happens, call Young Living and let them know. This means that the order may not have processed and you want to make sure that it does. Customer service is awesome and will get you taken care of!

Congratulations! You have just signed up!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here!

Happy Oiling!

Yours for a Better Life,

Melodye Reynolds

All You Need To Know About Essential Rewards

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essential rewards

Essential Rewards

Young Living offers a reward program to help its members save money. It is known as the Essential Rewards Program and if you order regularly, it is a must do.

Essential Rewards is a program where each member can earn points that can be cashed in for free product. In fact, I just placed a $200 order and all I paid for it was the $7.00 shipping plus taxes!

So here are the basics of how it works: Read More

How To Learn About Essential Oils

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Essential Healthy Life

How To Learn About Essential Oils

There are so many different essential oils available now that it can be overwhelming for those just starting to use them to know which oil works best for your individual needs. The good news is there are plenty of resources to help you to learn more.

1. Essential Oil Reference Guides

A reference guide is an oiler’s best friend. I recommend getting an essential oils reference guide as soon as you buy your starter kit. There are many options out there. Many guides list each essential oil alphabetically so you can find the one you are looking for quickly. It also explains how essential oils work and goes over some safety guidelines.  Read More

What Is an Essential Oil?

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what is an essential oilWhat Is An Essential Oil?

If you have been on Pinterest or social media lately, you have probably seen an article or a nice graphic about essential oils. A lot of people have learned about the amazing benefits of essential oils for their health, but maybe you are a bit confused as to what it is they are talking about. I know I was, until I started researching about them so I thought I would write this simple post explaining what an essential oil actually is! Read More

Why Young Living?

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Why Young Living Melodye Reynolds
Why Young Living?

(The Importance of Choosing the Right Company)


My family and I have been using Young Living essential oils for over a year now and we have experienced some pretty crazy things . We love to share our experiences with anyone that might benefit from essential oils (which is Everyone!)

This section could get really technical so let’s just get to the bottom line. When making a decision to invest in anything, quality is always important. If you are serious about your health and want to use natural medicine, you must take the quality of what you are putting on and into your body under careful consideration.

Young Living oversees the ENTIRE process of producing their essential oils.  Read More

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Enrolling With A Distributor

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Enrolling Melodye Reynolds
Congratulations on making the decision that you are ready to try essential oils as a wholesale member, now comes another equally important decision—which distributor you will enroll with. This person will become your sponsor.

There are 3 important questions you should ask yourself before you enroll with a distributor


1. What resources can the distributor offer me to teach me how to use the oils?

Does the distributor provide or have access to any product education to help you to get started using the oils to see the most benefit in your health?

It can be overwhelming as a new member that is just learning about essential oils to know where to even begin. Does the sponsor offer tools such as webinars (an online class where you participate with a computer), a website, videos or social media groups with other experienced oilers? All of these are important for you to have available to you in order for you to receive the most benefit from the essential oils you purchase.

Please keep in mind that your sponsor should offer you plenty of resources but that doesn’t mean that you should go to them with all of your oil questions. They will not be available 24 hours a day, but the resources they give you should be. This is why having them is so important! Read More

Getting Started With Essential Oils

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How To Get Started With Essential Oils Melodye Reynolds
Getting Started With Essential Oils

Are you curious about essential oils? Maybe you have seen some of the graphics floating around on Pinterest or Instagram? Maybe you have read about them on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe you even have a coworker, friend or relative that is using them but you have no idea of how to start with them yourself?

Never fear, I am here to help! Let me break it down step by step for you.

There are two ways that you can purchase Young Living essential oils (click here to see why my family ONLY uses Young Living for our essential oil needs).

1. You can purchase them at retail by clicking the button: Order Retial

On that page you can simply click the “product line” tab on the left hand side to view any of the products Young Living has to offer. From there you just scroll down and make your product selections. You can click on each type of product (essential oils, personal care, nutritional supplements, etc…) by clicking the tabs across the top of that page as well. It is just like shopping at any other retail store. Select what you want and place it in your cart. Checkout and you’re on your way!

2. Become a Wholesale Member

Hold on! Don’t get that “Oh, brother, I’m going to have to sign up for something and I don’t want to deal with all of that” look! I know that look because that is the same one I had when I first started looking into essential oils. Yes, to become a member you must enroll with a distributor, but let me assure you, it isn’t a sneaky way to get you to sell something or to get you to spend all of your money.

Let me break it down for you: Read More

How To Use Essential Oils- Essential Oils Guide

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How To Use Essential Oils Melodye Reynolds
How To Use Essential Oils- Essential Oils Guide

Essential oils ain’t just for sniffin’! Although smelling (inhaling) essential oils is an extremely effective way to get all the benefits of essential oils there are two other ways they can be used.

1. Inhale (aka sniff)-

Most people are familiar with essential oils in reference to aromatherapy and for good reason. Aromatherapy has been proven to be a highly effective treatment for many issues and has been extensively researched so there are a lot of statistics to support it. When inhaling, essential oil molecules deliver their benefits by entering directly into the blood stream through the lungs and affecting the brain through the olfactory nerves in the nasal cavity. This means that essential oils hit the brain and go to work fast (within 22 seconds)!

There are several ways to inhale an essential oil (always remember to breathe in slowly to inhale as much of the oil as possible no matter which method you use)! Read More