Essential Oils In The Bedroom

Did you know that essential oils can actually be used in the bedroom? (No, I don’t mean for improved sleep!) I mean, for your romantic life. You know, bow chicka wow wow time. Oh come on now! You know you have that playing in your head right now.

In the video above I talk about how important intimacy is for our marriages. I know of a lot of couples that struggle with this, especially after kids. 

I’m gonna use the s word. Sex should be part of our marriage on a regular basis. It should be a time to reconnect and yes, to even have fun. It is a gift the Lord has given us married folk. We get to enjoy one another’s bodies. Both parties should enjoy it. 

But I know that realistically, life can be stressful and even exhausting. We often come to the end of a day worn out and that is the last thing on our mind. BUT, it needs to be a priority in our lives. You do things for your kids all day long, and taking care of the relationship of thier parents should also be something you do for them. A better marriage for you means stability for them. You are your children’s role models after all. You are showing them what marriage should be like.

One suggestion that can really make a difference for you making sure you get those extracurricular activities in is to put it in your schedule. Yes, I just told you to schedule sex into your calendar. You can close your mouth now.

Make the time for it. It can actually be fun when you know ahead of time. You can make yourself feel pretty that day. Put on something sexy. Flirt with each other. Send a sexy text.

And here is where essential oils can be helpful.

Diffuse oils such as Joy or orange to get yourself relaxed and in the mood. Both of those oils encourage a relaxed state and uplifted spirits. Let’s be real. Sometimes we need help getting in the mood. Essential oils are great for that.

Here are some other ways that essential oils can help with sexy time:

Use Ylang Ylang daily. Ladies can place a drop on the outside right ankle and it can promote balanced hormones. One drop of  Shutran on the outside left ankle daily works to do the same for men. (Yes men have trouble with hormones as they age too.) When your hormones are out of whack, libido can take a big hit. Man or woman. When the body gets balanced out, libido should come back.

Progessence Plus is also another great oil for ladies. It encourages a balancing in the female body too. A balanced body is a happy body. It can be used daily on the wrists and ankles. It is a plant hormone so do not use if you are on birth control.

You can even use oils to help the bedroom experience to last a little longer. Oh yes, there is an oil for that! Idaho Blue Spruce is a great oil for just that. (more details in the video.)

Cypress oil is great for increasing blood flow and circulation which can make things happen a little faster and be more pleasurable.

Valor oil is great for making you feel like you have courage because sometimes we need a little courage in the bedroom.

Be sure to watch the video as I give additional tips there.

Now go get that calendar and schedule in that special time.

Comment below and let me know if you learned something new. I love to hear your feedback!





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