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Dear Friend that is feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted,

Are you feeling like maybe you’ve lost your spark for life? Distracted? Disconnected?  This class can help if you will take the time to join in.

A few years ago that’s exactly how I felt too. I was living a life that I wasn’t happy with. I woke up each morning and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had no energy and no hope. I was a wreck. I was on several “mood stablizing medicines and I was so numb that I didn’t care much about anything. 

And then I accidentally discovered that essential oils can help you with emotional wellness. Yes, it was an accident. I began using them to help me with other issues and discovered that they actually helped me emotionally by promoting calmness, uplifting me, and even energizing me. Things I had not felt in so long, that I had forgotten how good they felt.

Yeah it sounds crazy and surprised me too, but if you will let me (along with my business partner Jessica, who has had the same experience) we can show you how essential oils for emotional support actually make a lot of sense. We want to show you the science behind why essential oils go straight to the emotional center of the brain and start working immediately to help you to feel better and heal.

In this class, you will learn… 

How essential oils can help the body to function as it should


How essential oils work to clear stored emotions from the body 


How emotions effect the entire body and can actually cause you to be phsyically ill (I have a big personal testimony on that!)


How essential oils can provide hormonal support which helps with balancing emotions


Which oils to use for emotional wellbeing and HOW to use them


Supplements to help with emotional health


How God designed the earth to use essential oils to promote emotional wellbeing


Meet your teachers for this class:


essential oils

Jessica Hinojosa

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