Want a FREE Premium Starter Kit?

If you are like me, you will not mind one bit paying for your Premium Starter Kit. You know just how precious every single drop is. It is well worth the every cent, but…who doesn’t love a great “deal”? I am all about being a good steward with all of my blessings, including money. If I could show you how to get your kit FREE would you be interested? Do you have 4 like-minded friends, neighbors or relatives who you could share information about these oils with? Just 4.

Getting Your Premium Starter Kit for FREE

Step 1

If you haven’t already started with Young Living first you need to create your account and order your kit.

 Choose wholesale member, fill out all the blanks, choose your Premium Starter Kit and make your purchase. Be sure and write down your account number (or check your email for the number).

Click Here to learn how to get a wholesale membership

Step 2

Talk about your oils! Share with 4 friends (this is just like telling your best friend about a new great restaurant or a must-see movie, only better). You have until the end of your enrollment month to get reimbursed for your kit. Don’t worry you can still get a bonus any time you share if you choose to. (Ask me for details on how to do that!)

Step 3

When your friend is ready to get started with Young Living and purchase their own Premium Starter Kit, they can just log into http://www.youngliving.com, choose sign up, then wholesale account and manually enter your account number in the enroller and sponsor boxes.

By entering your account number in those boxes, they are giving you the credit for the purchase. They will purchase their own Premium Starter Kit that includes (11 essential oils plus a diffuser, samples and more information about Young Living) and you will get a thank you check from Young Living for each person that does this.


Step 4

After your friend has purchased their Premium Starter Kit get them connected with our oily community so we can help them to learn!

You just made $50.00 per person for sharing Young Living with them. None of the restaurants, boutiques or theaters offer you anything in return for recommending their products right?! Share with 4 people and you have just paid for your Premium Starter Kit. Young Living will send you a check around the 20th of the following month. It’s that simple.

so….What are you waiting for?