bible studyHave you struggled with bible study? Have you tried to read your bible many times and you just don’t understand it? Have a hard time making reading the bible a habit? Feel overwhelmed when you open your bible? I am here to help with all of those because that use to be ME TOO!

I use to feel the same way. I wanted to read my bible for many years and every time I tried I started in Genesis and got completely overwhelmed. So I just gave up. FOR A LONG TIME UNTIL…I wanted to know God better. I learned that to do that, reading the bible is critical and so I set out to learn as much about HOW to read it as I could.

Now, I love to read my bible! It’s how I start my days and I figured out that I was way over complicating it. So I am here to share with you what things helped me to learn to read the bible and understand it to the point that I can apply what I read to my life. You can do the same and I want to show you exactly how. Step by step…

I have developed a short 5 video eCourse just for you!

 In this eCourse you will learn:


Why reading the bible is so life changing


Where to start reading your bible! (Hint, it’s not the first page!) 


How the bible is laid out so that you can find verses easily


How to read your bible in 2-5 minutes a day to start and get the most from your reading time


How to choose the best version of the bible so that you understand what you read


How to make bible study a daily habit


Simple tools you already have that will help you understand your bible 


How to apply the bible to your life


The exact steps to take to understand what you read during your study time


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