Have you heard a lot of hype about essential oils lately and you just don’t get it? I have just the thing for you! I recently hosted an interactive Introduction to Essential Oils webinar. NO worries if you missed it, I recorded the whole thing! We spent an hour learning all about essential oils! You can watch the recording with your phone, tablet or computer INSTANTLY while I share my oily wisdom and lots of practical tips with you! You can even wear your pj’s! 😉

Just fill out your information in the form and you will get the class recording emailed to you! (Make sure to respond to the confirmation email you will get after you fill out the form!)

In this webinar recording you will learn:

What an essential oil is


How essential oils work


3 Ways to use essential oils


Why Young Living is such a trust worthy company


Essential oil precautions


What comes in a premium starter kit and why it’s the best value


Retail vs wholesale accounts- what’s the difference


Do you have to sell?


How to use essential oils to support your body for better health (we will cover each oil in the premium starter kit!)


Easy ways to add essential oils to your everyday life with simple and quick tips


How to make essential oils affordable


So grab a pen and paper and come join me! We will get down to the knitty gritty of what essential oils are all about, how they have been used for thousands of years and why people are so crazy about them today!