Want to get rid of all the chemicals in your home but just feel like it’s just too much work? or maybe you think it’s too expensive? I understand. I felt the same way but what I found that was by switching to Young Living Thieves products it was easy and affordable. 

After having a child in 2006 I became very aware of the chemicals I had in my home. If you’ve ever had to baby proof I know you feel me on this. We had to put locks on every cabinet and door. We put things up higher. As we did this I realized that our home was full of things that if my little girl got into them, could be very dangerous. Even life threatening! So I wanted to find alternatives but honestly, I tried a number of all natural safe products and they flat out didn’t work and I always went back to the toxic stuff.

Then in 2013 I discovered Young Living essential oils and I was introduced to a very powerful essential oil called Thieves. Thieves is great for boosting the immune system AND it is amazing for cleaning. It was used during the plague by robbers to protect them as they robbed the sick and dying. So when I say it is powerful, I ain’t kidding! It is also a very effective cleaner. 

Young Living offers a whole line of cleaning and personal care products that contain Thieves essential oil in them. In this class we are going to teach you all about them and why they are such an easy alternative to poisonous products you have in your home.

And no, it doesn’t have to break the bank to find safe cleaners and personal care products either. We are going to show you how we are able, as 2 homeschooling moms on a budget, to afford these products for our families.

No, you can’t control everything you are exposed to in the world, but you are the gatekeeper of your home. You have a say so in what you use there. We want to show you how easy it is to ditch toxic chemicals in your home and switch them out for products that are safe and promote your family’s wellness.

Learn more about how easy ditching and switching is here:

Going chemical free can be affordable and easy. 

A few facts you may not know…

The average woman puts 300 chemical on her body in a day, 80 of those are before breakfast

One of the number one reasons 911 calls are made is children accidentally ingesting dangerous chemicals 

Chemicals negatively effect our hormones and that means they also disrupt the hormones of your growing and developing little ones

The air quality in our homes is 10 times more toxic than outside because most homes don’t have proper ventilation 

Staggering facts I know. Those are not to scare you but you cause you to pause and think. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to find safe products that won’t pollute your home or destroy the health of your loved ones. Simple ways to replace what you already use for chemical free alternatives that will give you peace of mind.