4 Simple Steps For How To Start Bible Journaling

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bible journaling graphic4 Simple Steps For How To Start Bible Journaling

I love to read the bible. I have learned so much about God and about myself through reading the word regularly but for me, just reading something doesn’t mean that I completely process it, so about 4 years ago I began bible journaling. I did a lot of researching on bible journals (because I have to research everything before I commit to it…haha!) and after 4 years of experimenting with journaling, I found that the best way for me to journal is to keep a simple spiral notebook. Now, I have seen elaborate, beautiful journals and they are awesome but for me, a simple little college ruled spiral notebook just works best. After many years I have also discovered how to make bible journaling simple and simple means that I will actually DO it often. So today I am sharing my tips in hopes that it will encourage you to try it! Read More