How to feel more balanced in life with the 7 Fs

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Do you struggle with balance? We have so many things that pull at us. Parenting, marriage, friendships, work…it can be a LOT and it can make you feel like that one guy on the old time talent shows that spins all the plates at once. Yeah, except I can’t DO that and that is how life can feel when you try to find complete balance.

Balance, I belive, is not really possible. I don’t think you can ever truly balance every area of your life or that you should even try. However, I do think that you can FEEL more balanced if you use the 7 Fs and I explain how to do that in the video. Listen in…

how to use essential oils

After Sun Skin Spray

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I recently shared how I use two of my favorite essential oils to make a spray to care for my skin when I get a little too much sun in a quick Facebook Live tutorial. This spray is healing and cooling at the same time and best of all it is super easy to make.

Please Note: I only recommend using Young Living essential oils on your skin because they are pure oils. Other brands may contain chemicals that can cause chemical burns. Only use the best oils!

What to do if you are in an unequally yoked marriage

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This is a topic I get asked about A LOT so I did a Facebook live all about what the bible says to do to if you and your spouse are unequally yoked or at different points in your faith. This can also apply to a believer being married to an unbeliever.

This is something that is an issue in a lot of marriages and we need to address it. The word tells us exactly what we are to do, all we need to do is apply it. One reason I love bible study so much! I also share some of my practical wisdom from my experience in a failed marriage to now having a beautiful one.

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